Latest Stockist in Japan

Officially introducing Jelly Alchemy’s newest stockist in Japan. Meet the talented Ms Asami Watanabe from Conohana Jelly Cake. Based in Sapporo, Hokkaiso, Asami is an avid artist with a flair for creating jelly art pieces that resembles watercolour paintings.

Asami, a hard-working mother of 2, discovered jelly art in early 2020. Although this art is relatively unknown in Japan, she endeavours to spread this beautiful artform to more people in her country. She has now created an interactive DVD tutorial on how to create 3D jelly in Japanese.

In her own words “Hi, I‘m Asami. I love making beautiful things. When I saw Siew Heng Boon‘s 3D jelly, I was shocked (impressed,moved,touched,blown away) by it’s beauty. After that, under the kind warm guidance of Siew Heng Boon and Singaporean jelly artist Cass Chiang, they taught me various things about making 3D jelly, which made making jelly even more fun and rewarding. I am deeply grateful to them and all the people who have delivered warmth to me in various ways.

3D jelly is rarely seen in Japan, but I want more people to smile and be happy with the beautiful world of 3D jelly art. I would be glad if I could help those who want to make 3d jelly”.

Asami Watanabe –

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